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The Power of the Pivot

Pivot board

Our lives don’t take a linear path. The best, most successful, most interesting, and most well-rounded people have, more often than not, pivoted. But change is daunting. So how can we become happy, confident and comfortable with taking a pivot in our lives? Read on for more about finding the courage to make a pivot!

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3 steps to get out of your own way and make the changes in your life that you crave

Woman looking out of window pensively

When times are tough, when we feel stuck or unhappy, we might feel like the chance to make changes is out of our control. As if, we’re a victim to our situation. So why do we play the victim in our own lives, how can we kick the habit and what are the 3 steps we can make to take back control and create a life that we want to live?

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Happy Birthday Pivotal Moments!

If you’re thinking of making a big life change, of any kind, this one’s for you- I share my reflections and learnings from the last year- after all, taking the leap into self-employment was just the beginning!

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